Spectacular Tumbling

On Friday morning, I got up with the knowledge that I could spend the day in my pyjamas and that my Mum was on her way back from the United States. Her best friend lives in Edmond, OK so she’s usually stateside every 12-18 months!

When I got breakfast, my stepfather informed me ‘your Mum fell at the airport, apparently she had to get a wheelchair to the plane‘. At that point we didn’t know which airport, how bad etc! It turns out that she’d done a bit of shopping with her friend taking advantage of the bargains to be found in USA (pretty much everything in the USA is cheaper than it is in the UK) and a pretty pair of shoes she bought didn’t fit in her suitcase. So she decided to wear them home. They were heels.

A changeover at Chicago O’Hare, a wet marbled/tiled floor and the heels = disaster!

My Mum took quite the tumble, and she refused paramedics (she was terrified of what she could end up being charged at an American hospital) and so they wheeled her onto the plane. And the Air Stewards were pretty amazing, moving her to a better seat and getting ice packs on her shoulder. (Thank you American Airlines – you are stars!!). She got a mixed service at Heathrow – a grumpy and totally crap wheelchair driver at Terminal 3 and a fabulously lovely Indian lady at Terminal 5 who was kind to her and made sure she got all the way to the plane.

When she arrived home my faithful frozen peas came out to ice her ankle (she was afraid to take her shoe off so it didn’t get any first aid until she got home!) and looking at her shoulder and the amount of pain she was in I ordered a trip to Minor Injuries. Diagnosis: one sprained ankle, one sprained shoulder. How she managed to sprain limbs on opposite sides from each other is a mystery I’ve yet to solve…

They took x-rays said she needed to come back on Monday (today) and she has been hobbling about and crying in pain from her shoulder all weekend. Today she got another x-ray and they think that the shoulder is worse than they first thought and might be fractured.

Of course, now Sarah (who I work with) has just left to go to the USA for 3-4 weeks so I’m managing the centre alone and my stepfather is about to leave for work for his fortnight off-shore. My best friend is trying to clear out her house before her family moves to Eyemouth in a few weeks. And my car doesn’t work! My Mum can’t drive and will likely be needing visits to hospital for more check ups and physio (depending on whether they can decide on what the damage to her shoulder is).

We could definitely use your prayers… my Mum especially.

Pray they diagnose her shoulder correctly (a misdiagnosis could do a lot of long-term harm).
Pray for us to come up with solutions for getting her to/from appointments while her husband is away.
Pray we’d have patience.

Thanks everyone!

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