Pray for Tricia

Hi Everyone,

Friends of Tricia & Nathan made this image collage to spread the word through social media for people to pray for Tricia.

I’ve been following what’s happening through Nathan’s twitter feed, and this is what the report yesterday was.

The feeding tubes seem to be doing their thing, because she is gaining weight but the lung infection is still there and it’s reducing her lung function more and more every day.

So. Do feel free to keep up with Nathan & Tricia – tweet them some encouragement (@pattysue & @NathanLawrenson). And you can find out more about their incredible story and keep up to date at Nathan’s blog.

You can also download the image and share it on your blog/twitter/facebook so we can get lots more prayers for Tricia.

**Tricia’s sister Megan is running the OBX Marathon next month to raise funds for Tricia’s trust fund to help with the medical related expenses of being in hospital and having to live in Durham while being on the transplant list again. If you’d like to sponsor Megan there are more details here.**

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