What would you tell Sophie?

This week, Girlguiding UK has been spreading the #tellSophie meme. The idea is to leave behind a legacy of wisdom to inspire the next generation of women. I’m guessing they chose the name ‘Sophie’ because of its meaning (it comes from the Greek ‘sophia‘ which means ‘wisdom‘). But I’ll admit that when I first saw it appearing on my twitter feed it gave me a little shock given the title of my blog & the story behind it.

It reminded me of when Alisha and her friend ran a simulblog where we all wrote letters to our sixteen year old selves too.

I tried to think about what advice I would give to a 10 year old. And yes, as I said back in January – if my pregnancy had gone ahead and ended with a daughter in my arms etc – she would have been 10 this year and therefore moved into Guides! I realised that I really don’t remember much about being 10. I remember starting puberty, and being in P6. Having to wear glasses all the time (I was quickly getting to the stage of being blind without them). Starting at a ‘proper’ dance school for the first time and being allowed to go to my dance class each week with my friend on the bus without any adults. My younger brother wasn’t even born yet! But I’m not sure what advice I’d give my 10 year old self. I can’t remember what I felt (other than wanting school to be over for the rest of my life and SOON).

The Guides that meet on Monday evenings are all aged between 10 and 14 years old. If Sophie was amongst them, what advice would you give her? It’s an interesting question…

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One thought on “What would you tell Sophie?

  1. ALWAYS stand up for yourself. Do not let anybody, even adults, intimidate you, push you into things you do not want to do, or make you feel like you don’t deserve to be respected.
    That is the thing I wish I had known when I was MUCH younger.

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