Why kids should be allowed in church…

…so on Friday night my friend got ordained.

Let’s just say that his sons are already making excellent minister’s kids providing the entertainment for the church.

My top 3 quotes of the evening from them were:

1. “Where’s he gone? Where did he go?” (keep repeating over and over while the presbytery all robed and dog collared were spending time praying for my friend after he did his ministerial vows)

To be fair to Elastaboy, I couldn’t see his Daddy either. He had disappeared under a mass of ministerialness!

2. “I like ham sandwiches!”

The guy doing the sermon mentioned a ham sandwich as part of his teaching. I’m not sure why, but Mr Teapot did get his ham sandwich after the ordaination service in the hall.

But the best was the first…

3. “Oh NO! Not the bible!”

An exclamation of Mr Teapot’s when they did the first reading.

Unsurprisingly Mummy, Granny and Grandpa who had been tasked with keeping the boys from being too distracting throughout what turned out to  be a fairly lengthy service way past their bedtime looked quite tired themselves when it was over. It did make me giggle when the boys were guided towards me by their Mummy after “oh look! There’s Auntie LA!” and I took them to find some juice and food in the hall (the spread they put on was amazing! They make excellent cakes in Eyemouth!!) we had a wee picnic on the floor, the boys and their cousins got out some energy playing football, hide and seek and a game of tickling (which could have been mistaken for rugby or wrestling…but ya know, details) amongst lots of people chatting and trying to eat. Amazingly it didn’t end in tears. And only half a cup of juice was spilled.


But really the reason I love kids being in church is for 2 reasons…

1. They have no filter. They just say exactly what a lot of us are thinking. 

2. They keep it simple. 

And you know, just because their Dad is a minister, doesn’t make them Christians or perfect children. In fact it puts piles more pressure on because people expect that. My honourary nephews are awesome kids. I love them to pieces and I see every moment as a story to tell. When they give me a hug if I’m feeling sad or just ‘because’, when they are shocked that I don’t know who Francesco is, when they shout down their monitor to tell me and their Mum to stop talking or are singing worship songs when they are meant to be sleeping, when they decide the way to solve an argument is to crack their brother’s head off the floor, when one of them is screaming while the other is swinging on the church lecturn, when they greet you with a big grin on their face, when they ask you to teach them how to count to 100 in Spanish, when they show you how to use an apple slicer because they can’t believe you’re using a knife, when they run up to you telling a story so fast you can’t understand a word of what they are saying…

One day, they’ll be teenage boys who’ll grunt and not say much at all, easily embarrassed and that’s when I’ll break out these ‘embarrassing’ stories. And their Dad can use them in his sermons. ;)

Kids in church just bring life into it. And some occasional hilarity.


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