A call out to my prayer warrior friends…

This one goes out especially to everyone – my amazing twitter and blog friends – who supported me so, so much when I went out to South Africa 3 years ago.

Those of you who did, may remember how I was somewhat freakishly changed into a different team a few weeks before I headed out, and ended up in the same church as woman who had invited me to come out to visit pregnancy crisis centres in South Africa a year before.

I was finally able to meet Gail during my last hours in Durban. We have kept in touch through facebook and e-mail since.

I found out this week, that they’ve found a tumour on Gail’s brain. It’s been causing a number of problems for her, and doctors will be performing surgery in attempt to remove this tumour on 8th Jan.

Her daughter is writing a blog to keep everyone updated here.

For those of you who do pray – please would you join me in praying for Gail?

-for peace for her and for her family

-for protection from complications

-for wisdom and skill from the medical team performing surgery and treating her

-for complete healing

Thanks everyone xx

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