The bucket list…

…I did a few posts on my bucket list this last year, and even made a version to put on my inspiration wall…

Photo on 2012-05-20 at 23.03I’m so happy that I was able to do a few things on that list. The first was in April when I finally got my long-talked-about tattoo. On 1st January as I brushed my teeth before heading to the beach, I prayed and asked God if He was ok with the whole tattoo thing – I asked if He’d show me a rainbow as a sign it to go ahead with it. And driving down to Dunbar – a massive clear rainbow arched across the fields. The second was in June when I went to my first ever spa day with my lovely friend Carrie. Our groupon vouchers were our birthday present to ourselves! And seriously, if anyone ever wants to get me another spa day as a gift it would be very welcomed! ;) The third was a consolation bucket list tick off as I didn’t get Olympics tickets but I did get to see a Gymnastics World Cup event.

I’ve now added stuff to my list.

Next year I have a few hopes – one is to see the musical ‘Matilda’. I absolutely loved the book (I had it on ‘story tape’ and listened to it a lot as a kid) and I’ve always admired the comedy music genius of Tim Minchin. I want to write some children’s stories. From a really young age I wanted to write books for children, and the fact that everytime I’m in a bookshop I still head straight for the children’s section says something to me. I used to write stories for my little sister to read all the time, sometimes making up scavenger hunts to go with them. I think as I got older I felt self-conscious about my love of children’s literature, but it has been such a joy to see (and actively encourage) my godson’s love of books from a really young age. In the last year I’ve had comments from friends about my reading of stories to kids and been caught sliding into make believe games with singing toy teapots…and they have backed me up in my dream of being the presenter for the CBeebies Bedtime hour. ;) I want to finish my Girlguiding ALQ (Adult Leadership Qualification). And I’d like to attempt some surfing and rock climbing!

I also want to be on the lookout for opportunities to complete some of the other things on my bucket list, and for things that I’ve not thought to put on it.

I have to say that looking toward 2013 I’ve not got a lot to look forward to yet. 2012 was such an exciting year with the Diamond Jubilee, Olympics and Paralympics. In 2014 there’ll be Winter Olympics, Winter Paralympics, the Commonwealth Games and Team competitions at Worlds again…but there’s none of that in 2013. So we’ll just have to find something else to get excited about. :)

Whatever happens, I hope 2013 is going to be one where we can all find contentment in all circumstances, make great memories and have something to look back on with a laugh and a smile.

Let’s make the world a better place.

With love to you all on this Hogmanay…(New Year’s Eve to all you non-Scots!)

Laura Anne (BlondishKoala)



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