And the new year has begun…

Sunshine PandaThe new year has begun, and the last few days have been surprisingly action packed! I brought in 2013 wearing as much of my favourite colour as possible – purple shoes, purple dress, purple eyeshadow, purple nail varnish (which has dyed my fingernails a wee bit…oops). And it was lovely bringing in the New Year with my Mum and a bunch of lovely friends. No drama. No pressure. I realised just as we were leaving that I’d not had a drop of alcohol. I’m not a big drinker, but I had planned on having a gin at the bells – and ended up having shloer (fizzy grape juice that looks like champagne in the right glass!) to better ‘match’ everyone’s fizz! And then I forgot all about it. I spent £10 on a bottle of gin to have a few tipples over the holidays and it’s still unopened. ha ha! Just as well it doesn’t really go off.

The 1st day of January we were determined to get out of the house. Last year I was so grateful to have the Soul Surfers beach walk to force me out of my bed and wake me up on New Year’s Day. There had been no beach time organised this year, but my friends informed me that for once ‘Dogmanay’ had not been cancelled. And so we went off in search of the event in Holyrood park (trying not to get runover by cyclists doing the triathlon) and cheered on the dog sled teams!



And then on our final bank holiday – affectionately known by LFS community as ‘Coomanay‘ (because all ‘holidays’ need a name more original than ’2nd Jan’, my university friends Sam & Joanie invited me to go to the zoo with them. Sam actually is a high school friend too, and was in the year above me. I jokingly refer to him as my honourary big brother given than he and the 2 other guys in the year above  became really good friends of mine when we all went to uni and stayed in halls together. I was a year younger and they had my back. I really appreciated them for that! The big deal was that I FINALLY got to see the famous Pandas. We were super lucky that we got a good view of both Sunshine AND Sweetie, as depending on where they are or how they are feeling (Sunshine suffers from colic and has been ill a few times) you don’t always see them both. Sunshine even woke up from his nap and started wandering about. They have separate enclosures – both indoor and outdoor. They were indoors when we were in. Sam & Joanie very generously organised and paid for the tickets (they are both Zoo members) and would not let me pay them back. I eventually gave in and accepted one of the best presents ever. I was very excited and may have been caught doing a dance singing ‘We’re going to the see the Pandas‘ and bouncing a lot before we’d even got through the doors. We saw the lions sleeping in their den too, and Sam walked away from Joanie and I when our response to seeing this was to start singing ‘In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight...’ followed by ‘in the zoo, in Edinburgh Zoo the lions sleep tonight‘.

Sweetie Panda


I hadn’t long been back from the Zoo though when we got a phone call to say that my Auntie had been in a car accident and was being taken to hospital in an ambulance. After lots of confusing phone calls which left us with lots of questions, anxiety and worry, I was called upon to retrieve Oliver the dog. Oliver had been in the car accident too, and the police had taken him to a police station about a 20 minute drive away. Unfortunately there had been ANOTHER car accident on the same stretch of road, so I got stuck in a traffic jam behind the accident (unsure if it was my Auntie’s accident or a different one) and realising I had no clue how to transport a dog. Thankfully some (safely made) calls to friends gave me helpful tips and advice and Oliver was fine on the drive to my Auntie’s home. Even if he did set off the seatbelt alarm a few times! The police seemed disappointed that I’d come so quickly as I think he’d become a novelty star in the police station. They were fantastic and super nice. So appreciative of all the emergency services! And very glad to say my Auntie is ok, and was able to be discharged a few hours later.

Today has been a lazy day. I had great intentions today of achieving many dull tasks like laundry, going to the supermarket and cleaning. None of this happened. What I DID manage to do was book tickets for me, my Mum & 4 friends to go and see Matilda in London’s West End in April. Can’t think of a better way to spend my last few hours as a 28 year old.

So all in all, I’m happy to have ticked something off my to-do list (seeing the pandas) and made steps to ticking another thing off my to-do list (seeing Matilda). Now I just need to hear good news from the plumber and hear back from the joiner re: to my Aberdeen flat and all will be well.



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