It all went downhill from there…

I was at a great event meeting with non profit workers, community learning and development folks, public health strategy and policy makers, doctors and guidance teacher about addressing Teenage Pregnancy in Scotland yesterday. While there though I started getting what has become a familiar visitor – the stabbing eye headache. Within minutes I couldn’t look at the bright screen on the other side of the room and was doing everything possible to cope with the pain to get through the final hour of the event. When it finished I discovered a text on my phone saying one of my grandparents had died.

Not a good day then.

The pain hasn’t gotten any better as it spread and very very glad for ‘flux’ which dims the screen on my laptop. The nausea, mild fever and not being able to move my head without it feeling like someone has put a ton weight on my head is no fun either. And I’m feeling bad that I’m feeling so rotten when our family is trying to organise the things you have to organise when a relative dies.

Hope you’ll understand why there’s no HodgePodge or Quote of the Week post this week.

your icky blog friend, Brunette Koala x :)


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2 thoughts on “It all went downhill from there…

  1. Oh goodness. I’m sorry to read about your grandparent and hope all is going as well as possible. What a day! I’ve only ever had one migraine like you describe, and it was incredible.

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