Quote of the Week – Week 10



Today is International Women’s Day. So it’s only right that this week’s quote comes from one of history’s inspirational women.

Rosa Parks is famous for a simple but courageous act. In a time where there were insane racist laws in parts of the United States which oppressed people of African origin and segregated them from people with milk coloured skin, a tired Rosa who had had a long day at work refused to follow the rules to give up her seat on the bus to move to the ‘colored’ section.

I’ll never understand racism. I don’t understand how some Americans allowed segregation. I don’t understand how South Africa allowed apartheid. I don’t understand how Germany (and its allies) allowed the Holocaust. I don’t understand how Australia could take mixed-race children away from their parents. I don’t understand how in some countries women don’t have equal rights with men.

And it wasn’t so long ago, that women in the UK were protesting for women to be allowed to vote. I don’t agree with everything that Emily Davison Wilding did in her life, but this story about her hiding in a broom cupboard at the House of Commons during the 1911 census is pretty gutsy and creative.

Last year, millions supported a young teenage girl who had been brave enough to fight for a right for girls to be educated. She had written a blog for the BBC, and as a result she and her friend were shot by the Taliban. ‘I am Malala’ is the slogan we hashtagged or put on our avatars and facebook statuses. 10th November is now known as ‘Malala Day’.

There were many reasons for these women to be afraid of their actions. But they didn’t let fear take over. They had courage because they believed that what they were doing was right. They believed they could make a difference. They believed in standing up for what is right.

I hope that I’m one of those people that has courage to do what is right.

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