Calling out to my prayer warrior friends…

Hi Guys,

Some of you may know my friend Caroline – a lovely North Carolina girl I met when I first moved back to Edinburgh.  I’ve guest posted on her blog a few times, and she’s guest posted on mine. A couple of nights ago, her Dad had an MI (heart attack) and is currently in Intensive Care – his condition is critical, and there are a lot of uncertainties. Caroline posted on facebook last night that ‘we need a miracle‘, asking for friends to pray. I’ve never met Caroline’s Dad, but I know from Caroline’s stories and photos of him he is a wonderful Dad and loving G-pa to his grandkids.

Please pray…

…wisdom, knowledge and skill for her Dad’s medical team.

…encouragement, strength and comfort for her Dad and Caroline’s family.

…for healing and the treatments they are giving her Dad to have the outcome hoped for.

…for people to help out with childcare (Caroline has 3 wonderful kids – 2 of which I’ve met and cuddled as babies, I haven’t had the chance to meet the newborn baby Belle yet).

It’s times like this I want that Atlantic Ocean to get out the way so I can be there in a more practical way for one of my friends. But I know Caroline is a woman who believes in God and the power of prayer. I know that she’ll appreciate your thinking of her Dad, and appreciate your prayers.

Thanks everyone x

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2 thoughts on “Calling out to my prayer warrior friends…

  1. I don’t pray but I do hope for all of those things. I have belief a miracle can happen and that he will survive this. My thoughts are with them all!

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