Quote of the Week – Week 11

IMGP0612So since the Catholic Church got a new Pope yesterday, I thought it’d be appropriate to use this week to quote from Mother Teresa. Though I didn’t agree with all of her beliefs, what I really admire is her humility and the fact that she ‘walked her talk’. The reason so many people sat up and listened to what she had to say, is because she earned respect of people by living a life of action.

I love Inside the Actors Studio. I am that girl who likes to watch the special features on DVDs and track down interviews with the creators, crew, actors of my favourite shows and films to discover that extra insight behind their creative choices. I kinda want to be an accomplished actor just so I could meet and be interviewed by James Lipton. The last question he asks to all his guests from the famous ‘Pivot’ questionnaire is “If heaven exists what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?” One of my favourite answers given in response to this question was from Matt Damon. This is what he told Jim that he hoped God would tell him: “That ¬†all of the suffering that you saw or heard about or knew was happening…that there was a point to it, and here come in the back and I’ll tell you all about it”.

Our world is a mess – most of it caused by us here in the world now and our ancestors being selfish or greedy or vengeful. There’s corruption. There are natural disasters that cause devastation that we previously would have struggled to imagine. There is war. There is evil. There is suffering. Some of it is far away from us. Some of it is just next door.

The problems of our world often don’t have simple solutions. And affect huge amounts of people. Can one person solve them? No. So what’s the point in doing anything if we can’t solve it? we might ask when we are overwhelmed by the enormity and complexity.

And that’s when I remember. We can’t often do HUGE things, especially not on our own. But we can do small things with a lot of love. And that will still make a difference. Much more of a difference than sticking our heads in the sand and doing nothing.

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One thought on “Quote of the Week – Week 11

  1. This quote was read out to us during my nurse training. When I feel overwhelmed at work with the many responsibilities of helping others. It makes me realise I can help a small group of patients/people at a time, as much as I want to be bionic woman and help everyone. This quote is a good reminder for me.

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