Quote of the Week – Week 17


When I first began these weekly (ish) ‘Quote reflections’ I asked my friends for their favourite quotes. I’m pretty sure a twitter friend gave me this one, and I’m guessing the Pete Wilson they’ve quoted is Pete from Without Wax. :)

For whatever reason, I’ve always felt very aware that I don’t get to choose where or when I die. I could live until I’m 90 years old, or I might get squashed by a bus tomorrow. What I do get to choose is what I do with the time I have on this planet – however long or short it may be.

Earlier this week, I attended a memorial celebration for a Guider in our area who had fought a courageous battle with cancer. This woman had served Girlguiding for 40 years. Her rainbows led us all in a singsong with the songs this Guider had taught them with the other leaders. Many people from Girlguiding – her friends and guiding colleagues got up to share their memories. It is clear she has left an incredible legacy and inspired many in Guiding. She had guided our very own Division Commissioner as a new young leader of a Brownie Pack…over decades they became not mentor and mentee, but firm friends. Many others told of how this person them had encouraged them just to do their best as they marvelled at her energy and organisation.

This past wee while, having reconnected with my old Ranger leader on facebook, and having my Ranger leader and one of my friends from Rangers give me ideas of campfire songs to teach our Guides, has made me really think about the influence of those women on my life. I remember meeting my friend at a regional camp and just being inspired by her self=confidence, serving attitude and never complaining. She was so much fun to be around, and I wanted to be more like her in character. I still do!

And then I wonder what influence I’m being on the girls I’m with every Monday and every second Wednesday. I wonder what kind of legacy I’d be leaving behind if I died tomorrow.

Because everyone leaves a legacy for better or for worse.

When I come to the end of my life, will I have regrets? I’m sure there’ll be a few, but I hope to lessen them. I know I’ve managed to have a lot of incredible experiences already in my 29 years, and so if I do die tomorrow I’m quite content with what I’ve done with my life up until this point. Just as long as I never just go ‘well that’s enough’ and sit idly when I could do some more!

Are you happy with how you’ve been living your life? If you are – FAB! Continue on as you want to. If you aren’t – then I encourage you to sit and reflect on what choices you’re unhappy with. And then make different ones.

Once you’ve made one good choice and seen the positive consequences, it gets easier to make the future good choices! I promise you that. :)

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