Clearing out Cassie

…they took my car away for scrap this morning. A Fifer dude called me not long after 8 a.m. to say he was on his way.

Because I was working a late shift yesterday, I had to clear out my car on Wednesday afternoon. People who’ve been in my car will know that I’ve always got random crap in there from road trips, stuff people have left in it and I’m always dotting about here, there and everywhere trying to squeeze everything in! My car always looked like it had been hit by a hurricane!

I imagine I’ll be blogging about Cassie for a wee bit because my friend asked if I’d share some Cassie stories on my blog to mark her ‘passing’ (a true to testament to the outreach of Cassie is the fact that I know as much as my family and friends tease me for the way I refer to my car…a lot of them were fond of my wee corsa too!). But this video I took on my webcam when just before I began to clear out all the random stuff from her on Wednesday. I ended up sitting in the car for about an hour just marvelling over what to anyone else would seem like junk and rubbish, but to me symbolises lots of memories!

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