Quote of the Week – Week 23


Yes, I have been busy, and yes, that quote was quickly scribbled on a piece of paper and captured on my webcam!

I’m a big believer in that quote. I often say that there’s nothing that makes you feel more free that attempting to cartwheel on a beach.


With my love of gymnastics, I think my friends thought I’d be great at handstands and cartwheels. WRONG! But it’s fun to try. Even when it looks so ungraceful (the word we may be looking for here is ‘flail’) and you end up in a big heap on the sand.

When we live life half heartedly. When we live life too seriously. When we lose our sense of humour. When we’re too afraid of what people think of us to have fun. When we get scared of what it might look like. When the voices of people’s negativity pops into our head. When you fear you might look stupid…

We lose out.

In fact, everyone loses out.

On Monday evening, my boss handed me a card addressed to ‘Mad Laura Anne’. We all laughed when I read it out. ‘You’re totally bonkers‘, said my colleagues, ‘but we wouldn’t have you any other way‘ (phew).

On Wednesday evening, my Senior Section girls started singing along with me to the Fresh Prince rap (one staring at me & Jenny saying how do you know all the words?) as we showed Jenny the clip from the Graham Norton show. I’ve gone back to this video again and again. These guys are now Dads. And yet they are still willing to make fools of themselves to entertain…and they seem to have fun while they are doing it. I hope I’m still willing to do the same when I’m in my 40s (and 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s…)…

And so I’ll sing in my car even when I’m out of tune and have ridiculous dramatic singalongs with my little sister or my friends (ask the Giraffe and I to give our rendition of ‘Masquerade‘ sometime. You’ll likely just stare at us and shake your head in bewilderment). I’ll jump up and do the Saturday Night dance or the Macarena at a party. In fact I totally want to learn Will & Carlton’s ‘jump on it’ dance. It looks fun – especially if you do the facial expressions too.

And yes, I want to live like it’s heaven on earth. Not just because it makes our world a better place, but because this is the only earth we’ve got. We gotta take care of it – everything in it. Humans, plants, water, animals, air and all the rest. When we live selfishly people lose out and injustice happens. And that’s no fun at all. It gets us down. It makes us unhappy.

So. Let’s get dancing, singing, loving and living.

And cartwheeling.

Enjoy the sunshine, skip down the street, share the funnies with your friends.

Who’s with me?


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