Help Find Yulia

If you go around my work just now, you’ll find posters everywhere, on bus stops, lampposts, cafe and shop windows – from Yulia’s friends at University of Edinburgh. Yulia is a student fro Russia who was last seen by her friends on Thursday 6th June. She is due to graduate this month. Police have been able to find CCTV footage (on poster below) of her walking down South Bridge in Edinburgh and then appearing at Buchanan St bus station in Glasgow a few hours later, at 4.55 p.m. on Friday 7th June.

Yulia was wearing a dark coat with a belt, dark shoulder bag, red and orange coloured scarf, grey trousers and brown shoes with white laces.

Yulia speaks fluent English with a Russian accent, is of medium build with long dark-brown hair. She is around 5ft 6ins in height and has a small mole on her left cheek.

Her friends say she wears a number of rings on her hands, including a thumb ring which looks like a spoon.

Find Yulia
Download this poster to print and display in your community.

If you are wondering what the Russian script on the poster is, I’ve been told it loosely translates to: “Yulia, come back, we love you. Nothing else matters”

Call Police Scotland on 0131-311-3131 (+44 131 311 3131 internationally) quoting #0639 if you have any information.


The Missing People Charity number (116 000) enables you to share information confidentially, and if you click on the link you can share information via Yulia’s page on the Missing People website.

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