Peace for a pause…

I write this as the load of laundry I meant to do on Wednesday night spins in the washing machine, my legs shake after my bike decided not to go into gear as I came off the busy roundabout and onto the steep hill which I live on, after an afternoon spent with one of my dearest friends and her brand new baby girl.

Holding my friend’s baby (eek, better come up with a nickname for her!) as I sang to her a song to lull her to sleep in my arms I reflected on where we are now, and how far we’ve come since my friend and I met on our first weekend of university life almost 12 (!) years ago.

The last wee while has been a whirlwind. Work has been stressful. Two grandparents have died this year. My Mum has been having some health problems. One of her close friends lost her battle with cancer, and now another friend is starting a battle with a very rare form of the disease. So rare the best doctors in the world don’t know what is going to happen. Soul Surfers is growing and members of our community have been facing big decisions about the future. I’ve been doing a college course for work since May, and it has been way more time consuming than I’d thought. This week is reading week and I’m trying to catch up with my written assignments. School term finished last week, and I have 3 bags and a box filled with Girlguiding stuff in my house that needs to be looked through, tasks to be completed.

This weekend, I’m home alone and the peace has given me a moment to pause and reflect. The first 6 months of 2013 have been an unexpected challenge, and yet I feel I’m being pushed towards a new era and a new challenge.

My tickets for the festivals in Edinburgh have started to arrive, and my hope is that I can time some time in August, before Sarah leaves the centre, to have some time to recharge and absorb the culture and fun. The arts (and sitting in cafes in between with a book eating some home baking) does much good for my soul. I’ve made some really great new friends this year too, and I hope to spend some time this summer creating memories and getting to know them all better.

But for now, I’m texting another old friend from uni to arrange a meet up, and ready to settle with an Alexander McCall Smith book and the last of my nutella cupcakes.

Tomorrow, I will tackle the dishes piled across the worktop, and the half finished (or not even started) assignments in my folder.

All at a leisurely pace. Perhaps finished off with an ice cream float. :)

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One thought on “Peace for a pause…

  1. Ah, your leisurely day full of delicious food and a good read sounds lovely. Sounds like you need it after such a stressful week. Hope you’re able to recharge and rest.

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