So long 2013…

…never have I been happier to say goodbye to a calendar year. I’m so very thankful that 2013 is OVER, and I know several of my friends and family members feel the same way.

My baby sister is turning 23 today, my older brothers are here in Edinburgh so we had the quietest Hogmanay I’ve had since the years I would spend it being babysat by my Nana and Grandad, tucked up in bed between them watching Scotch and Wry.

Now we’re all in bed (though one brother may still be watching a truly awful film still. He told me it was great. He was lying. Or he just has really bad taste in films…in my oh so unhumble opinion!)

Now it is time for sleep. I have my new pyjamas on. The make up has been rubbed off my face. Let’s see what 2014 brings.


Happy New Year!

I’m wishing for one with more joy and less death, illness and crappiness all round.

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