about lfs & the blogger

Who is this blogging chica?


Laura Anne lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is currently the manager of a small non profit organisation and a postgraduate student at the University of Glasgow. When she’s not doing that you’ll find her blogging, working on her bucket list, Girlguiding (she volunteers as a Leader of a Guide unit & Senior Section unit), catching up on her favourite TV shows (The Last Leg, QI, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS and White Collar), pestering BBC sports journalists to run more stories on gymnastics, hanging out with her friends at the beach or hauled up in a café with a book & some cake. She is a part of a Christian community called Soul Surfers connected with Central and Christian Surfers UK.

She loves chocolate, cake, fresh summer fruits, singing, bouncing, chatting, laughing, music, film, theatre, dance, surfing, gymnastics, stand up comedy, books, beaches, sunshine, flip flops and pyjamas.

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