Here you’ll find the blogs I read regularly. Some people I knew in real life, some people I’ve met online and have since met ‘in real life’, others I only know through blogging or twitter!

…living in Scotland

Dr Idgie’s Marvellous Medicine – ‘Dr Idgie’ is the penname for an online friend of mine who is a Junior Doctor in the NHS.

Lessons from the Journey – This is a blog written by a friend and previous work colleague of mine. He says his blog is therapy for him (I can relate!) and his hope for it is that it can be a ‘travel guide for other young fathers and husbands on the journey of life.’

Love is an ocean – Casey is an Arkansas girl, one half of the band Weatherfolk and with her husband works for the Methodist Church in South East Scotland. She’s a fan of good food and great comedy!

Mairead – One young woman’s journey battling cancer. I have been so inspired by the Mairead’s strength that she has shown through the challenges that have faced her over this year.

New Life From Old - Gavin is a Medical Physicist & was one of my first friends at MBC. Several people used to think we were dating, which we find very funny. Recently, Gavin expressed his huge relief when I confessed to our smallgroup that I am determined never to marry an Englishman.

Quiet Hyperbole – Scott was born in Scotland’s captial – where the best of us are born ;) .Thought provoking blogger and lover of good music, Scott currently lives in the Weegieland.

Soul Surfers - Brisaac is a drummer, surfer and husband to Vicky, Dad to Miss S and the Mini Kahuna. He used to be one of my smallgroup leaders and a lead worshipper. My life is richer and much more fun with these guys in my real life! Soul Surfers is a wee community that came out of our old smallgroup and connections that have grown from supporting (and support from) Christian Surfers UK, Surfers Against Sewage, Tubestation in Polzeath, the Exit:Van and Central Church in Edinburgh.

…living in England

Baggin’s World - I got ‘meet’ Tim when Linus introduced us via e-mail when I was hosting my first blog party on the topic of community. Tim has a real gift for creative writing, and I can totally see how he & Linus are friends. :)

Blue Soul – Ben is a priest who lives in North East England. He does crazy things like giving up wearing shoes for lent.

A Guiding Life - Kelloggsville is a member of Girlguiding and an Adult leader the same as me. Lots of tales of Girlguiding as well as her family life and adventures touristing around ‘locally’.

Innocent Drinks - If you’ve never had an innocent smoothie you’ve missed out my friends. They were the first company to use 100% recyclable materials for their plastic bottles their drinks come in. Good quality, healthy, fresh and ethical…

Linusandco – Linus lives in Newcastle. He knows people I know and bizarrely one of his friends was also part of Soul in the City Durban at the same time as me!  He’s very encouraging person to have comment on your blog. :)

Looking for Something Deeper - Lucy lives in Southern England with her husband and has a very sweet rabbit called Charlie. I was first drawn to Lucy’s blog when I discovered that she  has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) which I was diagnosed with when I was 19, and later recovered from. Lucy is another photographer!

Making Memories - Rebecca is a now a qualified staff nurse. As someone who studied in the health care world and worked in the NHS, it’s a real encouragement to see someone giving an honest view of how they live their beliefs out in a secular healthcare world.

Nicola Hulks - Nicola is a fabulous lady, a gifted writer who loves to travel. We met when she came to do her MSc at Scotland’s best uni (oh yes, Aberdeen!) and we bonded with a weekly ritual of prayer, chocolate log and One Tree Hill. During a very interesting gap year, the poor lassie had to camp out on my living room floor. She’s also one of the best friends a girl could ask for.

Oli Lewington – Oli seems to be a very creative person and most of that comes through drama, writing and film. I discovered Oli through his work with Live Life then Give Life via twitter.

The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus - You know, I don’t know much about Jon or his wife Clare, other than they have a dog, go to Greenbelt and Jon makes very thought provoking and cool cartoons! He’s even done one for me based on me and my friends commonly used phrase “I feel like I’m an alien on Planet Christian”

…living in Wales

Jeff Gill – Jeff and Christine Gill are part of a really cool church I want to visit in Conwy, Wales where they do lots of childrens and youth work. Jeff gives me good computery technical advice and Christine is another incredible photographer and generally all round creative person with skills I’m in awe of.

…living in Northern Ireland

5enses - Connor is another Northern Irish person, only he’s not trying to take over Scotland (at least I don’t think he is). A very talented photographer who loves to travel.

…living in France

Westway – Ruky is a friend of mine from Nigeria, currently doing postgraduate study in Paris. Her blog features photos and tales of her travels around the world.

…living in Cameroon

Cameroon Girl - This is the tale of a Scottish lassie adapting to life in Douala as an ex-pat. Oh yeah, and she just happens to be my baby sister…! :)

…living in Zimbabwe

Learning to Breathe - Pam is an Edinburgh friend, and I’m so happy that you get to see more of her thoughts and writing. She’s also wise and a great youth worker!!

…living in South Africa

HopeWorks – The Waldron World -  I had the blessing of meeeting Carl, Michelle and their family while I was in South Africa in July 2009. They are working with Seed of Hope Community Development, a project that will always have a special place in my heart!

Liam and - Liam went to one of the best universities around, you know, the same one as me? He studied Divinity there. He is now married to Rachel, and they are about to embark on an exciting adventure in Masi, South Africa

…living in Australia (so not fair!)

So… – Jen is a mum, wife, songwriter….did I mention she has SIX kids? Wow. Another Aussie twitter friend who I’m jealous of because she gets to sing AND live in Australia…

…living in New Zealand

Adventures of Holly - I got ‘introduced’ to Holly when we were both doing guest posts for Rebecca’s blog, and was very honoured when Holly accepted an invitation to be part of the Community Blog Party. Holly is a newly qualified teacher and lives in Christchurch.

…living in Japan

Kamsin Kaneko – Kamsin is English, and has a very cool name. She teaches in Japan. She’s also a pretty rockin’ photographer.

Matt & Jude Tindale – Matt & Jude are friends from MBC. Jude did inter:act at the same time as myself & Ruth. They have 2 gorgeous kiddles – one might be known as the Pied Piper of Pune and the other that I nicknamed Mini Miyagi while she was but a ‘bump’. :) Their blog is a tale of family life as they go on a journey into life as overseas missionaries.

…living in Canada

65_RedRoses – Eva Markvoort was the star of the documentary 65_RedRoses. Eva was born literally within days of me, but with a genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis. She received a double lung transplant in 2007, but later her body went into chronic rejection. She was in hospital for several months waiting for a second transplant but the lungs never came. She died on Saturday 27th March 2010. Her family continue to update her blog as they continue Eva’s legacy of fundraising to find a cure for CF, and raising awareness of the need for more organ donors.

Frontier Beaver - Ollie Williams and Jennifer Lukas are both journalists spending a year in Fort Liard, Northwest Territories volunteering with the Frontier Foundation’s ‘Operation Beaver’.  They are involved with tutoring and running lots of recreational activities for the children and youth in Fort Liard – an isolated hamlet with a population of 550 people.

…living in the USA

A little peas of our mind – Written by my friends Fiona & Justin Hall who transplanted themselves to Dallas, TX from Edinburgh, Scotland. Their blog paints a story of daily life with the Hall clan – whether it is lessons from parenthood, family life, thoughts on the film industry or life running their Animation production company.

Bethany Hamilton – Bethany lives in Hawaii and is a surfer sponsored by RipCurl.  She’s also pretty inspirational as she continued to surf after getting her arm bitten off by a tiger shark when she was 13 years old. I also love Bethany for this post: telling us why soda is bad, and diet soda even worse (preach it sister!!)

Carpe Diem – Ally lives in the South, and works in the world of Law. Her posts sometimes just totally crack me up with giggles and I just love how down to earth Ally is!

Coffee Shop Journal – Marla lives in Florida and loves Jesus, coffee, family, friends and community. Marla is another Barnabus, and again such an encouraging person to have commenting on your blog. Hoping we’ll meet the Saunders clan in the not-so-distant future…!

Color Me Katie - Is the very colourful, bubbly blog that is a ray of sunshine in the blogosphere. This is where I head when I’m struggling to smile.

Everywhere Once - Brian and Shannon spend most of their time in the USA but really they could be anywhere as you read, as they travel independently throughout the world and write about it! If you love to travel, this blog is for you.

From Here, With Love - Caroline is from Washington, NC married to a South African and they have a son who was born in Scotland, another born in South Africa, a daughter born in the USA and now they are all living in North Carolina. How’s that for international?!

Gavin Owens – Gavin’s blog tagline is that Gavin is ‘puttin’ the cool back in chronic‘. Gavin’s parents Adam and Karen regularly updated about the ups and downs of Gavin’s journey with Mitochondrial Disease. A fighter to the very end, Gavin (aged 3) received his healing when he passed away in November 2009. Karen continues to blog there sharing about their family’s journey of grief plus the work they are continuing to do in honour of Gavin. Check out the Baby Legs Campaign!

Grit and Glory - Alece is originally from New York, USA. Alece was the founder of an amazing organisation called Thrive Africa. Grit and Glory is a very honest blog about Alece’s journey through life and leadership.

inProgress – Tam Hodge lived in Oregon when I first ‘met’  her and has a husband, Brent, known online as inWorship, and 2 lively and musically talented teenagers. They recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee where Brent has taken on a job as a pastor at Cross Point Church. Tam just generally cracks me up with her comments and tweets on a daily basis!

Jud Wilhite – Jud, husband of my friend Lori, is the Senior Pastor at Central Christian Church in Las Vegas. A kung fu movie fan, wannabe rockstar and all round honest, humble, compassionate guy. Co-founder of the People of the Second Chance movement.

Kveller – I loved watching Mayim in Blossom when I was younger, and love watching The Big Bang Theory now. Kveller is a blogsite for Jewish parents. As a follower of Jesus (who was Jewish), I’m interested learn more about Judaism and some of its practices and rituals that Jesus most likely participated in. I don’t always agree with Mayim, but I really admire how she stands firm in her beliefs and is herself, particularly while working in an industry which puts pressure on celebrities to conform for marketing purposes.

Leading in Shades of Grey – Jenni lives in Nashville, and is the Executive Pastor of CrossPoint Church, and founded CultivateHer (a project aimed at encouraged and equipping women in leadership). I’ve had the privilege of learning from Jenni during some Leading and Loving It events too.

Lindsey Nobles - Lindsey lives in California. I love Lindsey’s blog not only because she is another single Jesus-loving lady whose writing I so relate to, but also because she is real, down to earth, wise & challenges me in what she writes.

Leading and Loving It – Lori and her husband Jud head up a church in Las Vegas. Yes. Las Vegas!! They have 2 kiddles and a fun sense of humour. Lori’s blog about life as a  Pastor’s Wife attracted a lot of following, and has now turned into a network and resource for Pastor’s Wives & women in other areas of leadership.

Me Simply Being Me - Sarah and her husband, Billy were amongst my first blog friends. They live in Alabama, with their kids. Sarah and I are also birthday twins!

Sincerely Shannon - Shannon is the daughter of the founder of Wednesday HodgePodge. She’s a Christian 20-something living in the DC area and does a lot of youth work. She spent a lot of her teen years living in the UK, so it’s always nice to hear her stories.

Without Wax – Pete is married to Brandi, and has 3 sons. He is the Pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN. Been really encouraged by both Pete and Brandi over the last year, particularly with their involvement with Compassion in India and some of the other exciting things going on that Cross Point folks are involved in.

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