My Bucket List

I began a bucket list when I was 16, and I’ve amended and added things over the years. There’s also lots of things I’ve done that have been really fun and incredible that didn’t make the bucket list before I did them. But this helps me make goals to live as full a life as I possibly can – after all, I only get one here on earth!IMGP0560

to get a degree at university (July 2006)

to visit South Africa(July 2009)

to visit Ghana

to visit Canada

to road trip across the USA (including visit North Carolina, Savannah, see California, New York City,(Sep 2006) see Las Vegas, walk the streets of Boston, see the Liberty Bell, sing in Nashville, surf in Hawaii, visit Harry Potter world)

to visit Australia (hug a koala(April 2007),learn to surf (April 2007), climb in Blue Mountains, see a show in Sydney Opera House (May 2007), visit Palm Beach, meet ‘Dr Karl’(April 2007), meet ‘Alf’(Nov 2011), live in Australia)

camp out and drive a VW Camper Van

visit New Zealand

travel in Spain (Barcelona(April 2005), Seville, Madrid)

visit Germany (June 2002) (Berlin, Munich, Black Forest, Bavaria)

see France (Paris(June 2002), Verseilles, Lyon (July 2002))

travel around Italy (Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples, Lago Maggiore, Pisa, Genoa)

see Greece (Athens, Olympia)

cycle in the Netherlands

visit Copenhagen

visit Croatia or Slovenia

see the Skye fairy pools, climb Ben Nevis, visit Loch Ness

The London List: Tower of London, Hampstead Heath, see a play, watch ballet in the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, see a Musical in the West End (1995, 1996, 1997, 2011, 2013), Camden Market, find the house with the blue door in Notting Hill (attempted in November 2001), London Eye (April 2013), Buckingham Palace, Pax Lodge (Nov 2001), visit all the art galleries, Victoria & Albert Museum (Sept 2013), see something performed at the Globe Theatre, visit Harry Potter filmset

go punting in Oxford or Cambridge

get a tattoo (April 2012)

get a navel piercing (January 2001)

learn to dance en pointe (1999)

be able to do the splits

do a routine on a balance beam

commentate at a gymnastics event

see the women’s All-Around final at an Olympics

see the All-Around, individual and team finals at a World Championships

find a 4-leaf clover

learn to rock climb

cartwheel on a beach next to Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean

to see ‘Tully’ turned into a screenplay

write a book

to have a kids party with all my friends (April 2014)

to foster babies until they can be restored to their mothers

to do a postgraduate qualification (workng on it as of Sept 2013!)

to give a talk that inspires someone (Sept 2011)

to do the storytime hour on CBeebies

to meet and feed reindeer

to ride on a sleigh

to try ski-ing or snowboarding

to meet Elmo

My meet/hug list: David McCallum, Ray Meagher (November 2011), Julie Walters, Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Hills, Bert LeClos, Clare Balding, James Lipton, Graham Norton, Dara O’Briain, Steve Redgrave

to meet my favourite authors J.K. Rowling, Alexander McCall Smith(August 2012), Jacqueline Wilson, Paullina Simons, Kate Atkinson

to go on a spa day (June 2012)

to learn to play guitar or piano

to drive the Top Gear test track

do a sponsored spacehop for charity (July 2013)

to learn a second language

to learn sign language

go to a film festival

kayak or canoe on a lake/loch

do something Girlguiding related in another country

be part of a flash mob

and in general, make the world a more fun and better place to be in!

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