Kreativ Blogger Awards

kreativ-blogger-award Lucy gave me and BOTJ blogging awards. Unfortunately BOTJ has awarded blogs before I got the chance. So I’m trying not to duplicate…

It comes with the following instructions:


  1. Post the award on your blog, and link to the person who gave you the award.
  2. List seven things you love.
  3. List seven blogs you love.
  4. E-mail or comment on those blogs to let the people know you’ve given them the award.

Here goes…

Seven things I love…

1. My amazing friends – you all know who you are. I seriously don’t know where you get the energy/patience for me. But my life is better for you all.

2. Chocolate - whether it be one of Mrs Fourth Space’s chocolate brownies, Tesco’s chocolate brownie cheesecake, Thornton’s viennese truffles or Lindt Lindor (the red ones) or a bar of Milka or Divine…..never fails to make me cheer me up. I’ll just get an Innocent Smoothie to balance it all out. Which I also love.

3. Australia (probably for my love of SUNSHINE). Oh how I wish I could live there, although I’d miss Scotland. In the meantime I’ll have to settle for watching Home and Away and clips of Rove on YouTube.

4. Ceilidh dancing. Particularly Orcadian Strip the Willow when done properly. 

5. Shoes. I love shoes that are fun although I have my practical comfy ones too.

6. Singing. I sing everywhere…and I generally do it for an audience of one or just for fun, even if other people happen to be around. That’s usually God by the way, or a baby I’m trying to stop from crying.

7. God…he’s last but not least. Sometimes He irritates the stuff out of me, but most of the time I’m so thankful to have a guide in my life who never leaves me.

Seven blogs I love…

I hate that I can only pick 7 by the way. 

Confessions of a CF Husband – I’ve been following Nate, Tricia & Gwyneth’s story for a year now and ended up following his Dad & Tricia’s sisters’ blogs too. The Lawrenson/Kirschner clan have been an inspiration to me and I was really honoured when Tricia’s Mum stopped by this blog last month. 

Smiling’s my favourite. And BaconCaroline is my North Carolinan friend who lives in Scotland. I love her ‘Top Ten’ lists and she challenges me in my faith. That’s a good thing! :)

Jeff Gill was here - Jeff & Christine & the rest of the Gill clan totally rock. They make me laugh, and they have more than once given me encouragement to keep going in the work I do. Christine’s photography is amazing too.

Brandi & Boys - This southern belle had me in my friend’s kitchen/dining room being videoed putting on a duvet cover when I started to get to know her and her husband, Pete through the world of blogging last year.

My Life as the Good Twin - Prue responded to my call for a ‘cool Aussie blogger’ friend earlier this year. And she is a VERY cool Aussie blogger friend to have. I’m also jealous because she gets to live where I WANT to live…

This one goes out to the friends I never had - Sarah was one of my first blogging friends and one of my main supporters when I shared my pregnancy crisis work testimony last year on my old blog. 

Initial Conditions - this is grace my friend, because today the ulsterscot placed Hibs above Hearts in his 10 top UK football teams. Disgusting behaviour. ;) But some of his posts have totally cracked me up so I’ll forgive him for his bad taste in football teams… (grace and peace to you ulsterscot84..grace and peace)