American to British/Scottish Translator: Bathroom-related

Yep, today we’re talking about things bathroom related. So this is the translator post that is most likely to make you cringe and/or blush. But then it could save some potentially embarrassing situations too…

Toilet (?) = Bog/loo/can

Restroom/John/Bathroom = Loo/toilet/bathroom

Toilet Paper = Toilet paper/loo roll/bog roll

Using the restroom = Going to see Mike/Going for a wee/Spending a penny/taking a whizz/having a slash/powder your nose…

Puke/hurl = spew (less said about that the better)

Poop = poo (small)/jobbie (bigger)

Sanitary napkin/maxi pad = sanitary towel

Diaper = Nappy

Q tip = cotton bud

Fart = fart/pump/let off

Period = mollies (Scotland only I think for that one!) or my least favourite descriptions ‘on the blob‘ and ‘time of the month‘. We also just use the same term you use…

Bum/butt = bum/bottom/bahookey

Stall = cubicle

Diaper = nappy