Yep, we’re getting excited about St Andrew’s Day…I know of 3 blogging friends that plan to be part of the St Andrew’s Day blog carnival.

Hoping some more folks will be joining in with us on Monday, and looking forward to seeing what people decide to do – it can be anything as long as it is some way relating to the bonnie land of Scotland.

If you’d like to help spread the word on Twitter, Carolyn has decided on the hashtag #scotlandrocks :)

Flower of Scotland Friday: Homecoming

So the wee part of church otherwise known as MBC has being doing a series of sermons on Homecoming

It’s been great so far. A bit close to home, but hey, it’s good to be challenged (even if I don’t like being challenged).

I saw it coming, but on the first Sunday they showed a video clip of the Homecoming Scotland 2009 advert. Think I may have shown you it before?

And they tried to show it again on Sunday night just there.

Pastor K (the DP) said something along the lines of my own thoughts on this particular advert, so I wanted to let you all know – the lovely pastors at MBC and the rest of the LFS section of the blogosphere that there is a better Scottish ‘Homecoming’ advert.

Even if it is advertising, what is in my not-so-humble opinion, the worst lager in the history of drinkage.