Bringing on the joy

The Art of Joy

The State That I Am In has already written something about the venture our smallgroup is embarking on this Easter. 

We were tasked with the job of ‘loving out loud’ for 2 weeks. Not being a smallgroup who likes to do things by halves, we dreamed big. 

One thing I think all of us would like to change is the great British disease of negativity. It’s something we probably all get sucked into, and it’s not until we go abroad that we discover the joy of optimism, contentment and possibility!

We’re challenged as we’re a bunch of people who love to create (or in my case dream of being able to create something – I have great vision, but very little ability to bring my visions to reality). And in doing so, we want to bring on the joy in this city.

Only we couldn’t call it ‘Bring on the joy‘ because that name has already been taken…

We’ve been able to get space in a converted church building in Edinburgh’s Old Town to run some workshops, and use their Bistro as a gallery space. We’re providing a place for artists to share, display and sell their work that they’ve produced that ties in with the broad theme of Joy. Instead of charging a commission for work that is sold, the usual ‘commission percentage’ is going straight to local charities. 

I got tasked with the job of creating the webspace where we hope to have some pics of the artwork, a little bit about the artists, the workshops and how it progresses.

We hope this isn’t going to be a one-off, but a pilot to see how things go…perhaps The Art of Joy will be a catalyst for new ways of creating and engaging with culture, but also being different at the same time.

A little extra bonus…one of our volunteers noticed when I wrote down the web address for her that not only is it ‘The Art of Joy‘ but when you write it without spaces ‘theartofjoy’ it can become theartofjoy.

So now I’m off to do a Danny Boyle and bounce away with a joy filled heart.

Especially as today is one of my favourite days of the year….PANCAKE DAY!


catchPancake Day 2007 at ‘Number 29′

Spot Winnie the Pooh and Cookie Monster who had their prime spots on my food cupboard!!