Flower of Scotland Friday: Comic Relief

This post is scheduled to go live on Friday 13th March @ 08:00 GMT since Miss BrunetteKoala, her friend Jud and Cassie the Corsa are travelling down to Watford today. Cassie is supporting Comic Relief by wearing her very own red nose on her bonnet. If praying is your thing, you might like to send a few prayers up to ‘the Big Man’ upstairs (aka Yahweh) that they’d have safe travel without getting lost since none of them have ever been to Watford before. I will be able to send Twitter updates via text message while I’m away, but won’t be able to see your replies and updates until I get back on Sunday.

In my studies of cultural geography at university (yes, there is such a thing) I learned that Scotland is a nation that is good at laughing at itself.

Well seen as it’s Red Nose Day today, I thought I’d share with you the Doctor himself (David Tennant) who you know, just happens to be Scottish doing a sketch with Catherine Tate for Comic Relief a couple of years ago…