Flower of Scotland Friday: The deep fried mars bar

**before I begin, I haven’t forgotten my promise of a ‘fashion’ Americanese to British/Scottish translator…only I need some people willing to be photographed. clothed. Partly because I’m not a guy, and therefore don’t own guy clothes. And my wardrobe is mainly jeans…so need some girl clothes too.**

This week, it’s all about the unhealthy ‘Scottish’ diet. I hesitate to write this post, because while yes, we are the nation who invented the deep fried mars bar (patented in a chippie in Stonehaven) I don’t know any Scottish person who eats them.

But in August when my friend Mike brought his girlfriend, Kelly up to Edinburgh we felt duty bound to let her try out this Scottish delicacy.

Behold….the deep fried snickers bar…


Does it look appetising to you?

No. It doesn’t to me either. It looks greasy and gross, and the sort of thing that would just sit in your stomach making you feel bleurgh for at least a couple of days.

But Kelly and Mike ate it anyway…


My friend who was in my Geography class at uni, used to work in a chippie in Orkney. He informed once that after some experimenting with all the sweets available behind the counter (one of each kind I mean) apparently the only sweeties you can’t deep fry are Chewits.

Just in case you were wondering.

And for the record, Kelly felt bleurgh after eating the deep fried snickers bar, and doesn’t ever want to eat a deep fried chocolatey sweetie ever again.