Over the last year, one question has really come to mind: What makes a good friend?

I’ve asked this wondering how I could be a better friend, and also wishing to have good friends around me.

There’s another part to this conversation stemming from a quote which I posted as my facebook status last week which I might discuss later. I got a little irritated when a couple of people started a theological debate about it on my facebook page for all my friends and family to see – I don’t mind debate on my blog, but really my personal facbeook page is not the place for it!

What do you think makes a good friend?


Of all the controversial things I could write..

…I never thought that mentioning that I’m attempting to read the bible in one year would be one of them.

But apparently I was wrong.

Because on Wednesday, when 100s of us all over the country opened our Bible in One Year bibles to begin this little adventure, I posted the following on facebook:

Well. My friend (who to my knowledge isn’t a Christian) was the first to reply, and said he understood. Other comments followed that were nothing major. People ‘liked’ my status. And then 2 people decided to discourage me from doing it because it’s ‘really all about meditation’, and ‘reading one verse a day is better’.

Now don’t get me wrong. I TOTALLY understand where these guys are coming from. What’s the use of reading something and not taking it in, or applying to my own life if I believe it to be true?

BUT…do you realise some of my friends who do not have any faith beliefs have actually read the bible (plus the mormon bible and the Qu’ran…)? And yet I’ve never read the whole bible, and profess to be a Christian.

I don’t know the whole story.

I mean of course I know the basic principles and important bits. It’s kind of like how I could read an episode summary of a TV show though…I know the key plot points and the exciting bits, but unless I watch the whole thing, I have no idea how the story unfolds.

So I’m frickin’ well going to read it so I do.

Will it get tedious? Probably.

Will some of it go completely over my head? Yup. I hit the genealogy of Noah today in the book of Genesis….wooooossshhhh – SPLAT! Over my head. I couldn’t have given a toss about who was married to who or born to who or how many years they lived really. But at least I know it sounds a little weird. At least I’ve discovered another part of the story I didn’t know before. At least I was reminded of bits of history I’d previously forgotten.

I do want to make it clear that I don’t think that reading the whole bible makes me any better or worse a Christian or any more loved by God than I believe I already am.

This is just something I feel it’s important to do.

Plus it’s an encouraged requirement of the course I’m about to embark on in a month’s time when I begin Inter:act.

And do you know what’s more sad? People saw the comments on that status, and they’ve brought them up with me. I’m not sure it was the best witness in the world.

As my friend who is training to be a church minister (and has done a lot of children & youth work) said to me yesterday “It’s one of the most common things children ask me: Have you read all the bible?…How does it look to them when you say ‘No’?”

I think he makes an excellent point. :)

A malteser breakthrough

I feel I need to announce this.

It felt like an important moment….when I managed to prevent a malteser moment.


You know the moments, when I do or say something a bit silly that some may label ‘blonde’. Except I’m not blonde anymore. I’m brunette.

Hence the malteser factor.

A few weeks ago I grew concerned that 2 facebook friends appeared to have ditched me (hey, their choice!) which left me at a worrying number – 666 friends.

A very wise man – if we leave out his choice of DLDown tracks he requests at gigs…crazy frog…I ask ya! ;) – pointed out that I now have 669 friends.

To which I almost replied ‘yeah, one more and I’ll have 700!

My arrow hovered over the ‘comment’ button on Facebook. And then I realised that 669 + 1 = um…not 700. So I deleted what I’d just typed instead.

This my blog friends is why Sarah is in charge of all things accounts and not me. Me no comprendo los numeros. (No hablo español either)

BUT. I did realise before I posted it. No malteser moment! Hip, hip hooray!!!!

(Knowing me, I’ll probably make up for it later)

The Art of Joy ONLINE

Well there is of course: The Website

And then there is the Facebook group

And of course I couldn’t help but start a Twitter feed been inspired by the Lent thing, and thinking of posting a prompt each day for things people can do to spread the joy during ‘Love Out Loud’ fortnight…

(The List started following me on Twitter after I was posting about The Art of Joy updates…awww!)

There are loads of cool things going on, and if I had more time and a bit more awakeness I’d have done a great post like bringonthejoy did last night. But why reinvent the wheel. You can go over to her blog and read it!! :)

And there is our Flickr photostream.

Oh, and good news! Cassie the Corsa has passed her MOT! Hurrah! I went down to garage and bank looking like a right chav with my hoodie to cover the scary and unwashed hair do earlier this morning – a look completed with a husky ‘I just woke up‘ voice. Nice…! So feel the need to look slightly more presentable when I go to pick her up. I feel a shower may be a step in the right direction…

Who knew my eating habits were so controversial?

You know, I post many bizarre tweets and facebook status updates. Like on Tuesday when I posted:


One of my old school friends immediately commented on that knowing exactly where that quote came from. But you’d think that would be more ‘controversial’ than what I posted yesterday evening as I settled down with a snack and got down to updating the Art for Joy blog.


I mean, that surely isn’t really of interest to anyone. But oh no! Not only did one of my friends who’d obviously seen my status text me a few minutes later going

You ate celery and houmous? Sounds nasty if im being perfectly honest...”

Maybe I should have realised then what controversy I’d started…because within a couple of hours this had happened…

SS: houmous is disgusting.

LAM: Gasp! how could you say such a thing!!!!!!!

SMC: don’t you mean hummus? My goodness, where the heck are you from????

LAM: Europe, same place the houmous comes from!!!!!! lol

LAM: (after searching on internet) Oh ok…same place some houmous comes from. Apparently it’s Greek houmous, middle eastern hummus…

SS: Its equally disgusting wherever it comes from.

LAM: ok…enough with the slagging of the houmous. I think its yummy. And I’ve always spelled it (spelt it?) that way. Honestly. Who knew posting what I was eating would be so controversial?!?! lol

SS: Sorry for any offence caused…

SS: I am finding the length of this comment wall quite houmerous!

SMC: yes… quite funny which statuses get comments, huh?


Just so you know both ‘SS’ and ‘SMC’ have blogs which can be found in my blog roll. It’s up to you to discover who they are. One of them is a friend ‘in real life’, one of them is a blog friend who I hope I’ll one day meet ‘in real life’…! :)