Being One in Two Hundred

Can you be ONE in 200?

So you’ll know that pregnancy crisis and pregnancy loss support has been a huge part of my life for the last 4 years. First as a training volunteer, then being employed part-time by a local pregnancy crisis centre and helping out with the national charity our local centre is affilated to.

My role nationally (as a partner) and locally (as one of the local centre coordinators) is very much is education, training, networking and communications. It means I have to be flexible – so I can go visit the folks involved in centres in far flung parts of Scotland to give them encouragement and support, or raise awareness of our charity at different events, or go down to random parts of England to meet with the other partners. And it may mean next year going back to South Africa to meet with some of the wonderful people involved with centres across the continent of Africa who meet annually for training in Durban.

I know that to do the work I do as best as I could do it…a second job isn’t really an option.

If 200 people gave £5 a month to the charity I work for, I’d be able to work for them full-time, plus have more resources to increase the quality and quantity of the work we do.

That would be lovely…

So I guess the next question is…are you someone that is able to and/or feels that you want to help?

If that is you, and you’d like details on HOW you could do this, please e-mail me: by clicking HERE

Equally if you aren’t able to do this financially but would like to keep informed by receiving a newsletter, I’d still love to hear from you. :)