A colourful morning…

I have no desire in life to do a marathon. I realise this is something that is on a lot of people’s ‘bucket lists’ but it is most certainly not on mine. It was for a while, because everyone seemed to do them so I thought I should too. But then I realised that I found no joy whatsoever in running. I simply find it boring.

Over the last couple of years some of my American friends have posted pictures of them doing something called Colour Run. It was the only thing that made me think ‘well…maybe’ to running. It looked really fun, and I liked the idea of it being about fun rather than what time you ran it in! So when one of the Soul Surfers crew told us that they were doing Scotland’s first ever Colour Run in Edinburgh – an event called Color Me Rad - I thought ‘YES!’ So a bunch of us signed up as ‘Team Rad Surfers‘.

There were some issues getting there as there were too many cars all arriving at once and no one had thought about that. Loads of people complained, but really – this is what it is often like for events at the Royal Highland Centre where Color Me Rad was held. But the traffic jam gave me a chance to eat breakfast and get my ‘Rad’ tattoo on



And soon we were jogging around the fields of the Royal Highland centre…(and walking…it was nice to walk to chat with friends and just enjoy the atmosphere).


After every kilometre there was a station were stewards had sacks of coloured cornflour to throw at you. Each station was a different colour, and after the 3rd or 4th kilometre mark there was one where it was mixed with liquid to spray on the runners. The admission fee included a free t-shirt to take home, sunglasses and even safety pins for your registration number. Profits from the event were going to Make-A-Wish foundation.



At the end of circuit, stewards handed a small packet of coloured powder, which were to be taken to the colour bomb zone. Here groups of friends were throwing the packets of colour all over each other. There was also an MC who had the crowd of finishers getting even more pumped up with tunes, throwing colour out into the crowd and some freebies (Miss Sweetroot who did it with us, managed to catch a Color Me Rad sweatband set). By the end I looked like this:



And it took a lot of scrubbing in the shower when I got home to get myself back to my usual milky white colour again.

All in all, we had a blast, and would love to do it again next year!


Quote of the Week – Week 27 goes BOUNCE!


I remember when I got baptised, someone gave me a quote that was similar to this one. I won’t say I totally agree with Ida, because I think grief is ok and an important thing. However, the sentiment I think is true.

We can get ourselves stuck in who we once were, or who we might not end up being. So much so that we forget to live. We miss the blessings that ARE around us now. And importantly the blessing we can be.

You know, I got really down at the fact all my friends were running 10k races and marathons for charity. I’m just not sporty at all, I’m really unfit and years of dance training has taken it’s toll on my body. I have a dodgy knee, a squint back, mangled feet…

But I’ve always, always loved to jump, bounce, dance and have fun.

For years, I’ve wanted to get an adult sized spacehopper and do a spacehop for charity. Everyone I suggested this to looked at me and laughed thinking I was off my rocker. And then I noticed a bunch of high school kids had done a sponsored spacehop across the Forth Road Bridge for Love Oliver. Ok so they are teenagers, and I’m well…not. But if they could, I could do it, right?

This year, I finally found a friend mad enough to do it with me. And so I purchased us some spacehoppers, and once we got back from trips away, we took them out….


…What was it I said about being able to do this? For sure, our practice session could have gone better. We were blistered, bruise and the next few days brought some pain as our bodies screamed at us. But I cannot say we haven’t had fun so far. And we brought a lot of amusement to the passers by on this fine Saturday afternoon down at Cramond Beach…


…even dogs were coming to ask us what we were up to. And a lot of kids looked on curiously, pointing at us and questioning their parents and grandparents! If nothing else, we brought smiles to people’s faces. And that was before we were raising any money!


Of course, we’re doing this to raise money for a charity that is near and dear to our hearts. Our target is raise £1000 of much needed money to keep this charity running and providing free and confidential support to people in our region. You can find our team fundraising page here.

And on Saturday 13th July you’ll find us bouncing past this gloomy fish.


We reckon he’s just sad he can’t go boing like us.

What are you doing to live in the present and to make life worth remembering?

All photos taken by my very talented friend, © Chris Jackson. Just sayin’! ;)

Please vote for LoveOliver!!

Hopefully, some of you remember Oliver (to be honest I’m not sure how anyone could forget that gorgeous smile of his). :)

Well, I have important news… LoveOliver is now officially a Scottish Charity!!! You can find LoveOliver on facebook, twitter, and on the LoveOliver website.

LoveOliver was set up in memory of Oliver Gill after his death on Christmas morning in 2010 caused by a rare and aggressive form of cancer. He was only 5½ months old. The charity helps fund research into paediatric cancers and practical support to families affected by childhood cancer who are having treatment at Royal Sick Children’s Hospital in Edinburgh (known as the “Sick Kids Hospital”).

Already over £40,000 has been raised in honour of Oliver, and £20 000 of that has already been donated to fund a research project.

For those of you in Scotland, I’d love love love if you could register with RBS Community Force and vote for LoveOliver so they could be awarded £6000. (I’m not sure if you can if you live outside of Scotland, but it would be worth trying – please let me know if you do and what the outcome is!)

Also if you’re in Edinburgh area, there is going to be a fundraising gig in my hometown of Leith on Saturday 8th October. You can purchase a ticket here.


Summer Recipes

My blog readers have been awesome in helping my charity raise funds by producing recipe booklets! We started with the Chocolate Recipe book, and then last Christmas we had the Winter Recipe book. (I had to doctor the cover as I can’t name the charity I work for on my blog…!!)

This time (while it’s summer) I’m looking for your Summer recipes! It could be drinks, snacks, mains, desserts…

It is helpful if you have measurements (even if they are estimates like ‘1 handful’) so other people can use the recipe more easily. We always put who gave us the recipe and the town they are from. It’s always fun for people to see how far these recipes have come from.

You can send your summer recipe, your name, location & if you like a sentence or 2 about your recipe send it via e-mail. I use Microsoft Word 2004 (so please no .docx files, as I won’t be able to read them).

If you would like a copy of the recipe book when it is done, please send me your address also! (We usually sell copies for £3). And if you would like to be kept up to date with the work of our charity, let me know and I can give you details on how you can do that! :)

We need some warm winter recipes!

I don’t know how many of you will remember when I asked your help with this project a certain charity did last year – putting together a booklet of chocolatey recipes to use for fundraising.

You guys were amazing – spreading the word on twitter and we got some AMAZING recipes.

Well, I hope it’s ok to ask for your help again….this time we’re looking for winter recipes.

These could be soups, casseroles, desserts – any recipes you have that you might associate with winter season or warming up on a frosty day!

You can send your recipes in a word document by e-mail to lauraanne (dot) ccscotland (at) googlemail (dot) com – please include your name & location in the e-mail so we can credit your recipe in the book! You may also want to include a sentence or two about your recipe.

Thank you – and please do ask your friends, relatives and spread the word on twitter!

Laura Anne xx

Worthy Cause Cupcakes

So… there have been a few complaints about my latest fundraising intiative to incorporate a new found love (making cupcakes) with a love that was already there (supporting local pregnancy crisis centres).

The main nagging is that people who don’t live in Edinburgh can’t experience the cupcake action…

Well, I decided for any non-Edinburgh residents…I am willing to give you a copy of the three recipes (you can decide whether you can/want to give a donation to a local edinburgh pcc  or not!)

So leave a comment, and I will e-mail a copy of the recipes to you!

Aging, spinsterhood & cats

In 3 weeks time I’ll be teetering on the edge of my late 20s.

Not only am I still single (those ladies in church LIED…that guy was not just around the corner…), I’m still living with my mother.

In other words, I’m not only teetering on the edge of my late 20s, but also teetering on the edge of tragic spinsterhood. I fear that I’m on a steep and slippery slope onto a path that will inevitably lead me into being a crazy cat lady, and will one day be found dead, half eaten by alsatians like Bridget Jones feared.

I now have evidence that I’m gradually turning into a crazy cat lady…

Exhibit A: me, showing my friends how to do an impression of a cat’s bum.

I wish I could blame alcohol or something, but um…nope…I was 100% sober, but maybe a bit hyper on adrenaline from a busy couple of days at work. Credit for this goes to Mairead for catching all the Cat’s bum impressions on camera :?

Quote from friend on seeing this as my FB profile pic: Love how much of a complete spacker you look in your facebook profile pic. It made me smile :D

Glad to provide some entertainment for you friend.

Exhibit B:

Miss Sweetroot, when I tried to leave her house to go home on Friday decided that she would start meowing then full on pretending to be a cat to get me to stay.

She knows!! 8O She knows that I’m on the path to crazy cat ladydom and therefore being a cat will soon be the only way to communicate with me.

So moving swiftly on…

The potentially nice point on my birthday this year: thanks to Jesus’ ressurrection, we have this lovely bank holiday called Easter Monday in the UK*. And oh yes, that’s when the anniversary of my birthing falls this year.

There really is only one thing I potentially need right now. But if there is something I really, really want it is more funding for pregnancy crisis centres in Scotland. So we can do more to meet the needs of our communities.

So whether it’s because you feel sorry for the fact that my future as a tragic spinster crazy cat lady is getting closer, or because it’s Easter Monday when up from the grave He rose again & you want to do something to remember that Jesus saved us all and he was the product of the world’s most famous pregnancy crisis situation (from Mary & Joseph’s point of view at least) would you consider donating to the JustGiving page I’ve set up?

The money goes straight to the charity, if you are a UK taxpayer, JG can claim Gift Aid on behalf of the charity too. It’s also safe and secure (ie not a dodgy website).

Thank you.

Laura Anne

Future Crazy Cat Lady ;)

*just to clarify, Easter isn’t good just because I get a day off work every year for it. I’m very thankful for Jesus ressurrection saving the world. Thought I’d better make that clear. Also, we’re ‘ressurrecting’ the gospel choir for Easter. I still don’t get to be Whoopi Goldberg but it’ll still be cool. Sunday 4th April @ 11.15 a.m., Braid Centre – you should totally come along and celebrate Easter with us at MBC.

Caking a difference in my own backyard

One of the things I feel strongly about is giving to causes close to home. I’ve spoken about this before, but one of the biggest challenges of working for a ‘local’ charity is that you don’t get quite the same support or voice that ‘international’ charities do.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the importance of all of it. And you can check my bank statements – I have a sponsored child in Ethiopia through Compassion International, and of course I went out to South Africa last July.

Before Christmas, I was called to prayer for a beautiful wee baby boy, Dylan. He was born prematurely to a friend of a friend who I got to meet last Saturday. We had lots to chat about and I hope we’ll become friends too.

My friend, Dylan’s Mum and I want to give back to a charity that supported Baby Dylan’s family and many other families who had sons and daughters in the Neo-Natal baby units across the UK, called Bliss.

1 in 9 babies in the UK are born sick or prematurely.

Kiss for Bliss week is coming up (8th-14th February 2010) - aptly named because many parents who’s baby is in the Neo-Natal ICU will not be able to kiss their baby.

So we’re going to be taking part in Cake-A-Difference as part of Kiss for Bliss week!

Therefore, if you have any great (and simple) cupcake recipes for me to use, please do share!

I’ll be posting details of where our cake sale will be, and of course you will be very welcome to come along and buy some of our yummy creations and ‘Cake-A-Difference’ for Bliss and in turn many tiny people who are born a too soon, too small or sick…and their families.

Got to be the yummiest fundraiser since the pregnancy crisis centre Chocolate morning last November! :)

Happy birthday Sarah!

Yes, just to show how much I love this chica, who I consider my partner in all things cinnamon swirl & pregnancy crisis centre-ish, I’m using PINK (my least favourite colour next to Hibernian/Celtic green) on my blog for this message. Because I know that’s her favourite colour…

Happy 30th birthday Sarah!

We’re celebrating with a ceilidh tonight, which Sarah is using to fundraise for a pregnancy crisis centre.  And I confess that sharing an office with Sarah means that I have easy access to things like her JustGiving and Facebook accounts so photos of Sarah and her brothers when they were ickle can be put up for the world to see. Mwa ha ha ha!


Hoping the guys will be kilted up for tonight…and yes, of course I’ll be taking my wee camera.

Walking again

So today, I’ve gotten up early (early for me on a Saturday anyway!) to head to East Calder for the Sponsored Walk & Picnic. It’s been hectic because I didn’t get much done last week and this week I was in Somerset. As you know, I’m passionate about pregnancy crisis centre work…so I’m hoping my lack of sleep and days off just now is worth it. Maybe you can help it be so? (Thank you to blog friends who already have helped!)

Originally posted on 17th August 2009:

Last year, I, along with my friends Cat, Frances and Tucker the dog participated in the Great Scottish Walk.

Frances, Tucker and I had hoped that we could do it again, with a bunch of other people to raise money for a pregnancy crisis centre. Again.

Except there was no walk this year!

So we’ve organised another (not quite so long, but should be fun!) on Saturday 29th August at Almondell Country Park in West Lothian.

If you’re able to, and want to, I know the pregnancy crisis centre would really appreciate it if you sponsored me! You can click on the link below to get to my JustGiving page.

Thanks everyone! :)