Hairy Tales

If there’s one thing I moan about a lot, it’s my hair. I really have struggled to accept my hair. My cow’s lick which makes me look like I have a receding hairline and also makes partings and fringes (bangs) an issue. Just how much of it there is. It’s very fine which misleads you into thinking there’s not much. But seriously, there’s a constant carpet of hair growing on my desk chair at work, the shower plug that I have to unclog daily (gross), never mind my bed and floors! A little bit of moisture and my hair begins to look like Monica’s did in Barbados. And when you live in Scotland, that happens a lot.

While I was down with the flu, my appearance did not get maintained. When I finally got over flu, I actually looked in a mirror. My hair was out of control, my eyebrows hadn’t seen tweezers in about a month and so on. After battling snow on Tuesday my long wavy curly hair was tangled and knotted, in my face and I was plain fed up of it. And I was spotting the grey hairs again.  I was happy that I finally had been able to make time for Ruth to come visit work her cut and colour magic.

However, what I didn’t realise is that my Mum had also had to change her own very belated hair appointment to Wednesday morning too. At 11 a.m. too. Her hairdresser also comes to the house, as he gave up his salon a few years ago.

What happened was quite funny as Mike & my Mum had the ‘living room’ section of our kitchen, and Ruth & myself had the ‘kitchen’ section of our kitchen. Mike’s done my Mum’s hair since I was teeny tiny, so I know him fairly well. I was totally worried that maybe Ruth and Mike wouldn’t be comfortable doing hair in our house at the same time but they were fab about it. And soon they were sharing hairdressing stories and comparing hairdryers like Jeremy, Richard and James might compare cars on Top Gear. It was super funny.

I love my hair time with Ruth not just because I know how passionate she is about the science and craft of hairstyling (and yes, it IS a science)  but because I consider her a great friend. My hair takes aaaaggees (even when I used to go to a salon, a cut and blow dry could take over an hour!) so we always have lots of time to catch up. And every time we’re trying to get the squillions of foils out my hair we giggle about the first time when we tried to do it in my teeny shower and almost suffocated from the dye fumes. Now I remember to pop a window before we begin and do it in the downstairs bathroom! It’s still fun because of course, I have my glasses off for that part, and I’m blind as a bat without them.

Today Ruth blow dried my hair with curls – check out how pretty…



I felt bad though, because I knew I was going to be rock climbing with the Senior Section girls tonight. “It’s going to ruin your lovely work” I told Ruth. But despite being tied back so it wouldn’t get tangled in ropes and wearing a tight fitting helmet for 2 hours, Ruth’s styling held well (and no hairspray was used)

post climbing curls


In fact my fellow leader Jenny and one of the girls did a mini cheer when I took my helmet off and untied my hair and told me that my hair still looked pretty good. And we think that’s impressive.

Sadly, Ruth can’t come and do my hair every day (but I wish she could). But if you live in Edinburgh and want the Ruth experience, you should totally give her a call. You’ll find her details on the JustHair facebook page.  She’s GREAT with kids – I can testify that several kids who have had meltdowns and freaked out at barbers and hairdressers or parents trying to cut their hair have happily let Ruth trim their locks. She comes to your home, so no need to get a babysitter for your kids so you can go get your hair done or contemplate them tearing the salon apart while you’re in the chair!

Thank you Ruth, for making the time to come across the city and spend hours colouring and cutting and drying…! And seriously people – get the JustHair experience.


**Disclaimer:  I haven’t been bribed or given discounts to big up Ruth’s business. I only big up the things I genuinely think are fab.**

Back to (honey) blonde!

So yes, in 2006 – in the days where I decided to start wearing black eyeliner and in a fit of slightly SAD-induced rebellion, I went to the hairdresser cut my hair ‘short’ (and by short I mean just above my shoulders) and had them dye it chocolate brown. Friends walked past me in the street because with curly ‘short’ chocolate brown hair I was not so recognisable from the long blonde straight hair they were used to seeing on my head.

Well, for a couple of years I wanted to get a tattoo, and I also wanted to go back to having my dark honey blonde hair. I put it off because I didn’t really have the cash to do either. Last month I got my tattoo. This month the discovery of grey hairs in my hairbrush pushed me to get my hair dyed once again. Luckily, I’ve made a lovely friend here in Edinburgh who just became a hair stylist having trained at Rainbow Room International in Glasgow. She agreed to take on the challenge of colouring my long almost-untameable locks…

This is what I looked like when we arrived at my house (though I had at this point changed into an old t-shirt).

Colour mixed, foils cut and we’re ready to go…!

30 mins later and Ruth is going ‘Oh my word, you really do have LOADS of hair’.

Yes. Yes I do. You don’t realise it because it’s so fine, but you do realise if I leave it to dry naturally with no product in it. Or if you look at my bedroom floor and shower when I’ve washed and blow dryed it and see that despite the carpet of hair, there’s still plenty left all over my head.

Almost 2 hours later…and we have this. A head covered in dye and full of foils…

What occurred next I wish we have video footage of. I have a teeny showerroom, imagine me kneeling on the floor, my head in the shower. Ruth straddling over me pulling foils out and then rinsing out my hair. Then Ruth stumbling with dye covered hands to open a window as we start to get high on hair dye fumes.

End result:

A shower full of tin foil and soapy suds

A soggy Ruth.

A soaked (but blonder) Laura Anne.

Some detangling, drying and straightening later (plus some fixing of the fringe disaster created by my previous hairdresser…)

And this was the end result!

Thank you Ruth!

And if you would like your locks cut or treated by the lovely Ruth you can check out the Just Hair facebook page. The even better thing is that next year Ruth’s hairdressing business will be using her profits to help local, national and international non-profit organisations. You can also follow JustHairCo on Twitter.