Travelling Tuesday: Neighbours in St Kilda, Australia

Neighbours is like the bread and butter of student life in the UK. I didn’t have many friends at uni who didn’t have a study schedule that revolved around the show. Exam time rolled around and you knew that everyone would leave the library at 5 p.m. for ‘a break’ so they could get home in time for Neighbours.

Before I left Aberdeenshire, a member of staff in the community centre informed me of a pub called the Elephant and Wheelbarrow where the cast of Neighbours often hung out…well, you know that we had to go there. Thankfully we arrived on the Monday which was Neighbours Night, and even better it was the Monday where The Waiting Room were playing. Plus it turns out we were staying in the district where they film Neighbours (St Kilda) which we didn’t know until we arrived. Rock on!

Libby Kennedy sings...I mean...uh...Kym Valentine...

Yes, that is Alan Fletcher (Dr Karl Kennedy…is there any branch of medicine he’s not an expert in?), why the blurry photo? Because has energy equal to a pre-school kid on blue smarties!! Seriously, I’m not kidding. This guy is defying his 50s.

It's crazy Sindi...remember her? She broke poor Stu Parker's heart she did...

we're just chatting about singing/ know how it is...

The Waiting Room in action...seriously Alan Fletcher is a legend. Fact.

Thank you so much to the folks who work on the show who happened to end up sitting at the same table as Vikki and I and took some of these pictures for us. You were total stars, plus you helped us on the quiz! Especially as our chat wasn’t so great having been on the sleeper train the previous night, I was STILL jet-lagged and we really should have been in our beds.

But we wanted to meet Dr Karl.

Karl + Susan = Forever (just sayin’)