South Africa Fortnight…Phil & Rachel Bowyer

South Africa fortnight continues at LFS Introducing... with another guest.

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will know that I was in Durban, South Africa in July 2009. Well today, you get to meet the family who moved from England to South Africa to start the organisation that was behind it all!

If you have the time please head over to say hello to Phil, Rachel & Zachary Bowyer who are currently living in Durban, South Africa.

Phil & Rachel sent me so much information about how they started Soul Action South Africa, the current issues facing the communities in Durban & the surrounding region of KwaZulu Natal and some of the new intiatives that were started this year (those of you who were at any of Soul Survivor’s summer festivals last year – you helped make this happen!) so there are more details plus some photos on an ‘extra’ post here. They’ve also written a few books & resources which I’ve linked to in that post.

Summarising the South African experience

Help ma boab! Someone from my church e-mailed me yesterday asking for a summary of my trip to South Africa when I took part in Soul in the City Durban in July.

A summary…huh.

errrrr….now just how many blog posts did it take me (at least 14). And I think the photo slideshow my poor suffering smallgroup got was at least 8 minutes long.

Help please! What do you reckon are the important points to include, people who followed the journey all the way from before I even got to South Africa…if you can even remember anything I said about it?!




Travelling Tuesday: South Africa

This is one of my favourite pics on our first full day with the kids at Seed of Hope…


I was trying to take pictures of kids and SITC/LOL/Oasis volunteers running under the parachute, and these 3 boys decided to take a running dive to the ground to be in a picture together.

Even now, people are asking me ‘How was South Africa?’ or ‘What was it like?’ and I still can’t explain it. I wish I could take you all there so you could see and experience it for yourselves.

Soul in the City Durban: Video of 2009

I already posted this on facebook, twitter and South Africa blog, but hey ho! I thought I’d post it here too as I haven’t been able to log into WordPress all day (not sure why?!)

Rachel from Soul Action South Africa posted this up on facebook earlier this evening, and I was so excited to see it!

A few of you commented on the picture that was my profile pic on most social networking sites I’m part of when I came back.

If you remember it….see if you recognise anyone… :)

Travelling Tuesday…to the other blog!

Seed of Hope

Seed of Hope is where I spent a lot of time while I was in South Africa – every weekday while I was in Durban except my first and last basically.

I’m still continuing to post a day by day diary of the trip over on one of my other blogs which was recording Jud and I’s journey being part of Soul in the City Durban.

Apologies because the posts are looonnnnnngggg but if you’ve got the time and are in any way interested in what happened while I was away, you can head there by clicking on the link below…


Yesss! I finally finished going through all the photos.

The first post is now up, it’s probably very boring as it’s pretty much just all about the journey to Durban! Ha ha!

I’m going to try and go in chronological order because otherwise I’m more likely to forget things or get confused. But since you’re all so great (and some of you might have seen photos I’ve already got up on Facebook so my fellow SITC folks to see them, tag themselves in them and so on) here’s a few sneak photographic previews…

Scotland met South Africa


So I’m now back in Scotland, and as I’m uploading the 300-400 photos I’ve snapped over the last 2 weeks I find myself getting a little emotional.

That may be partly due to lack of food since I’ve yet to find the enthusiasm to go to the supermarket yet…

But as I look at the photos, and realise I want to make reference to situations that none of you know of (yet) I’m struggling to find a place to begin…

…everything God taught me…

…everything I saw God do…

…the promises and prophecies fulfilled…

…the challenges…

…the music…

…the people…

…the experience…

Seriously, I don’t know where to start.

But when I do put the photos up please excuse…

1. My crazy hair (occasionally brought under control by a headscarf)

2. The lack of make up

3. The disgusting state of my clothes (I just don’t want to open my suitcase….some of my clothes will have to be simply chucked out…)

4. The really pants photography

The good news….I had 6 puke free flights (even if the first 2 yesterday/today came a little too close for comfort) and my suitcase arrived in Edinburgh. Phew!

Saturday’s Scribbling

This post is scheduled for Saturday 14th March @ 09:00 GMT

So with any luck, the  3 of us (me, Jud and Cassie the Corsa) made it to our hotel in Watford yesterday. And hopefully we have made it from said hotel to Soul Survivor Watford this morning for the training and orientation for going to South Africa.

You can find out more about our ongoing South Africa journey on our blog

We’ve both taken our cameras with us this weekend and plan to photo document our road trip to Watford and back. If anything only to keep ourselves entertained along the long journey down the M74/M6/M1 and plan to stick some of them up on our blog once we get back.

We’ll be sleeping on the church floor tonight (with lots of other people), and then I’ll be driving us all back to Scotland tomorrow. 

Thursday was a difficult day being on the nasty norethisterone as kept bursting into tears at well very silly things or nothing at all! Very thankful that I was on my own most of the day because I would have been seriously embarrassed if anyone had seen me like that. I was all over the place on Wednesday morning, but calmed down by Thursday…possibly because I channelled it all into my dislike of the actions of this GP who was calling for higher taxes on chocolate in Scotland as a way of tackling obesity. It just about filled my facebook profile. Yep, was soooo full of grace. But seriously, what a waste of time – as if that would solve the problem. Thankfully people did see sense and voted against the idea.

Anyway, a little bit of interaction while I’m gone so I can read your comments when I get home…

Of all the places you’ve travelled to… which place had the greatest impact on you, and why?

Jud & La’s South African Adventure

Welcome to another MBC blogger…the lovely Judith (not that I would ever normally call her Judith). Jud and I met a couple of years ago at Imagine, and a few months ago over a hot chocolate in Beanscene we got talking about how both of us were feeling a few nudges to go out to South Africa. Just at the start of the New Year, Jud sent me a message to say ‘I can go to Soul in the City’, and at that point I knew that was it. There were no more excuses not to go too.

picture-11Jud and I are going to  be documenting our adventure on our blog

It’s not just about the few weeks we’ll be spending in Durban, but the obstacles we’re going to have to overcome to get there. Like how we’re going to get to the training and orientation day in Watford next month, or how we’re going to raise the funds to do all of this.

And then there is the plane factor. Jud’s terrified of going on the plane in case she is sick. I’m terrified of going on the plane in case someone I’m sitting next to is sick. Yeah, we’re going to be great travel  buddies. Lol.

I will of course still be carrying on my usual rants, links and banter here on WordPress.


And completely unrelated:

Happy Birthday!

to an amazing friend

(both ‘in real life’ & on the blogosphere)


Travelling Tuesday: SITC Durban

Today, me and J will be going down to the Rail ticket office to see how we can get to a training day in preparation for going to Durban, South Africa this summer. I’ll be explaining a little bit more about the trip over the coming months.

But for now here’s a summary…  :)

…350 young people (yes, I’m still a young person – just!)

…2 weeks…

…1 city…

…lots of fun…

…many challenges…

…totally different cultures…

love in action

…(and hopefully no puking)…

…but before I can go…

…I need over £1000 to get me there…

…a passport…



…I have to get to a training day in Watford

and I’m gonna need lots more peace and courage than I have right now